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Introducing a rewarding new money experience

designed to empower your financial progress with

Instant Karma™ purchase reimbursements1 and savings



Instant Karma

You could win an Instant Karma™ purchase

reimbursement when you make a debit transaction with

your Credit Vana Money™ Spend account. Or an

 Instant Karma monthly cash boost when you make a

deposit into your Credit Vana Money™ Save account.3

Instant Karma for purchases

Make debit purchases with your Credit Vana Visa®

 Debit Card4—like a cup of coffee, a flatscreen TV, or

even a spin bike—for a chance to win a cash


Instant Karma for saving

Make a deposit into your Credit Vana Money™ Save

 account for a monthly chance to win a cash boost of up

to $20,000.


We never charge fees5

Credit Vana Money™ Spend is 100% free to open with

no hidden fees or penalties. Enjoy no minimum balance

requirements, no overdraft fees, and free withdrawals

from a network of over 55,000 Allpoint® ATMs.6


Get paid early

Direct deposit your paycheck into your Credit Vana

Money™ Spend account and get access to your money

up to two days in advance.7


Safety and security


  • The funds in your account are FDIC insured up to $5 million8
  • Instantly lock your debit card with a tap
  • Easily dispute transactions right in the Credit Vana app


Take the first step

Open a Credit Vana Money™ Save or Spend account

for free today and get on a rewarding new financial path.

Common questions

Are Credit Vana Money™ Spend accounts really free?

A Credit Vana Money™ Spend account is 100% free to open, with no minimum balance requirements. And Credit Vana will never charge you fees for using your Spend account. No inactivity fees. No annual fees. No monthly maintenance fees. And no withdrawal fees.

The Credit Vana Visa® Debit Card can be used for free withdrawals from a network of over 55,000 ATMs in the Allpoint® ATM network. Heads up that you may be charged a third-party fee if you use an ATM outside the Allpoint® network. Though Credit Vana does not directly charge this fee, it will show up in your account transaction history.

If you use your card to transact in foreign currencies, you’ll be charged a 1% fee of the total purchase by Visa for each transaction. This Visa International Card Fee is charged by Visa and not by Credit Vana.

How does Credit Vana Money™ Spend work?

Credit Vana is not a bank. We partner with MVB Bank, Inc. to provide banking services supporting Credit Vana Money™ Spend and Credit Vana Money™ Save accounts.

When you open a Credit Vana Money™ Spend account, your funds will be deposited into an account at MVB Bank, Inc. and its deposit network. MVB Bank, Inc. is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., and funds in your Spend account are FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

You can use your Spend account for electronic payments and make everyday transactions with your Credit Vana Visa® Debit Card. You can also deposit money from your Credit Vana Money™ Save account directly through the Money section of your Credit Vana account. Currently, the account can’t accept deposits made with cash, paper checks or foreign currency.

How do I open a Credit Vana Money™ Spend account?

To open a Credit Vana Money™ Spend account, you must …

  1. Be a Credit Vana member with an open Credit Vana Money™ Save account
  2. Link your Save account with an external account
  3. Successfully make at least one deposit from the external account into your Save account

Once you have a funded Save account, you can sign up for a free Credit Vana Money™ Spend account. You can view the Spend account home screen and see your account details by clicking the “Money” icon in the navigation bar.

Which ATMs can I use with my Credit Vana Visa® Debit Card?

With your Credit Vana Money™ Spend account, you have fee-free access to more than 55,000 Allpoint® ATMs with unlimited free withdrawals. These ATMs are conveniently located at participating retailers like CVS, Target and Walgreens. Click here to see Allpoint® ATM locations near you.

How does Credit Vana Money™ Save work?

Credit Vana uses a network of 800-plus banks to provide a 100% free savings account with no fees and a competitive annual percentage yield. The balance in your Credit Vana Money™ Save account is eligible for FDIC insurance up to $5,000,000.

There’s never a minimum balance to open and maintain a Credit Vana Money™ Save account, and there are no hidden fees. And as long as you have at least $0.01 in your Save account, you can start earning interest today.

How do I open a Credit Vana Money™ Save account?

To open a free, FDIC-insured Credit Vana Money™ Save account, you’ll first need to have a free Credit Vana account. You can then open a savings account through the Credit Vana app on your mobile device or desktop.

    Have more questions?

     Check out FAQs for Credit Vana Money™ Spend and Credit Vana Money™ Save.

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  • Banking services provided by MVB Bank, Inc., Member FDIC. Maximum balance and transfer limits apply per account.
  • 1NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Exclusions apply. Click here for Instant Karma for purchases sweepstakes rules.
  • 2NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Exclusions apply. Click here for Instant Karma for saving sweepstakes rules.
  • 3Maximum 6 withdrawals per monthly savings statement cycle.
  • 4Credit Vana Visa® Debit Card issued by MVB Bank, Inc., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa terms and conditions apply.
  • 5Third-party fees may apply. Please see Account Terms & Disclosures for more information.
  • 6Fees may apply for ATM transactions outside this network.
  • 7Early access to paycheck is compared to standard payroll electronic deposit and is dependent on and subject to payor submitting payroll information to the bank before release date. Payor may not submit paycheck early.
  • 8The balance in your savings account may be moved to one or more network banks where it is eligible for FDIC insurance up to $5,000,000 once the funds arrive at a network bank. Actual insured amounts may be lower or adversely affected based on any balances you hold at a network bank. Learn more at: